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GUTsy Captain Kombucha - Multi-Flavor pack 12 x 400ml - GutsyCaptain

Multi-Flavor pack 12 x 400ml


This pack contains 12x 400ml bottles of Kombucha: 2x Original; 2x Ginger and Lemon; 2x Raspberry; 1x Coconut; 2x Pineapple and Peach; 1x Passion fruit; 1x Pomegranate; 1x Watermelon and Mint. (Pack subject to flavor changes due to stock outages.)

Multi-Flavor pack 12 x 400ml

  • GUTsy Captain Kombucha is a delicious fermented drink, made in Portugal, full of live bacteria and slightly carbonated. Excellent for refreshing every moment of your day.
  • Kombucha is an ancient drink known in China as the "elixir of immortality". Our Kombuchas are 100% authentic because we use a natural fermentation process, with SCOBY – a live culture of bacteria and yeast. At GUTsy Captain we use green tea and cane sugar in the production of Kombucha. All ingredients are 100% Natural and BIO. In the fermentation process, sugar is reduced by the SCOBY and enzymes and antioxidants are produced.
    At the end of fermentation, we add the natural flavors that give rise to the variety you can try in this exclusive pack – 8 flavors in total.
  • Best-selling Kombucha in Europe | Produced in Portugal |Biological | Vegan | Traditional fermentation method with SCOBY – live culture of bacteria and yeast | 100% Natural Ingredients | Low in calories | Gluten Free | No dyes or preservatives |No use of concentrates | nothing artificial
  • This pack contains 12 400ml bottles of GUTsy Captain Kombucha: 2 X Original; 2 X Ginger and Lemon; 2 X Raspberry; 1 X Coconut; 1 X Pineapple and Peach; 2 X Passion fruit; 1 X Pomegranate; 1 X Watermelon and Mint.
  • Four of the 8 flavors were acclaimed in 2020 with international awards and the last 3 on the list were only launched in 2021.
Don't shake. Open carefully. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight. After opening, store between 0 and 6°C and consume within 3 days.


Organic Kombucha (filtered water, organic cane sugar, organic green tea 0.4%, organic stevia leaves, kombucha cultures), “Bacillus coagulans”. Original - Organic Tea Extract 0.05%. Raspberry - natural raspberry aroma 0.15%, organic carrot, apple and currant extracts. Ginger and Lemon - natural ginger flavor 0.21%, natural lemon flavor 0.05%. Pineapple and Peach - Natural Pineapple Flavor 0.16%, Natural Peach Flavor 0.002%. Watermelon and Mint - Natural Watermelon Flavor 0.25%, Organic Carrot Concentrate, Natural Mint Flavor 0.04%. Pomegranate - Organic Carrot Concentrate, Natural Pomegranate Flavor 0.14%, Natural Pomegranate Halal Flavor 0.05%. Passion fruit - natural aroma of passion fruit 0.29%. Coconut - natural coconut flavor 0.1%, organic carrot, apple and currant extracts.

Nutritional Information

PER 100ml
ENERGY74 KJ / 18 Kcal

Kombucha fermentation process

Kombucha Fermentation process

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