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5 tips to recover from overeating

After a day or several days of excesses, it is common to look for detox plans that help cleanse the body to recover from the days when you ate a greater amount of food or unhealthy foods. However, there is no miracle juice that will really help to eliminate excess, for that we have organs like the liver and kidneys that have these functions.

So what can we really do to recover from the days we abused? Discover the 5 tips from our Nutritionist, Mafalda Rodrigues de Almeida, author of the Loveat blog.

1 - Return to a healthy eating routine!

2 - In the days following an excess, it is normal not to feel so hungry, and you can respect these signs, eating only when you feel the need. Skipping breakfast can be an alternative to not feeling too full.

3 - Including foods with a high nutritional density is also a good plan! These foods are those that are very rich in nutrients such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, which will help to deflate and at the same time keep you full.

4 - Increase the consumption of fermented foods, such as Kombucha or Water Kefir, helps not only to increase intestinal health, but also to increase satiety, deflate and increase immunity. In these cases, Kombucha Zero can be a more interesting alternative, since, due to its longer fermentation time, it has zero sugars.

5 - Increase water consumption! When you eat more processed foods, they usually have a very high salt content, which makes the body feel the need to increase water retention, which consequently translates into the feeling of bloating.

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