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GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero Passion Fruit – Best Gut Health Product Award at Healthy Awards 2021

We have one more reason to celebrate! GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero Passion Fruit won Best Gut Health Product at the Healthy Awards 2021.

This award is yet another recognition of the quality and value of our drinks and an affirmation of our Kombucha as a healthy, natural and biological alternative, full of health benefits, and without compromising the delicious taste we propose.

In this article we explain the importance of Gut Health and the role of fermented foods such as Kombucha.

What is the importance of maintaining good intestinal health?

You've probably heard something like "When the Gut works well, the whole body works well". In addition to all digestive functions, the intestine is associated with numerous other functions such as the immune system, hormone production, feeling of well-being, being considered by many as the “second brain”.

Much of this complexity is due to the presence of the intestinal microbiota. The intestinal microbiota is the name given to the set of microorganisms that inhabit the intestine. In fact, it is estimated that there are 10x more microorganisms in our body than human cells and that the number of species present ranges from 300 to 500. The presence and balance of these microorganisms is crucial for maintaining intestinal health and consequently well-being general.

What is the role of Kombucha?

Kombucha is a probiotic drink, that is full of bacteria and beneficial living organisms that will help maintain the balance of the intestinal microbiota. As a result, they will bring numerous benefits such as facilitating digestion, regulating intestinal transit, strengthening the immune system, improving mood and well-being.

And it was exactly in this field that GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero Passion Fruit won. With Zero Sugars, Zero Calories, Delicious and full of live bacteria. Good for your Gut, Good for you!

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