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What is and how to consume Kombucha? - Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

More than a trendy drink, Kombucha is here to stay! It's actually the perfect match for your health.

With the help of our Nutritionist, Mafalda Rodrigues de Almeida, we answer in this article the main questions about Kombucha and its consumption.

1 – What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an ancient drink known in China as the "elixir of immortality". Produced with 100% natural ingredients, we only include the freshest, healthiest and most delicious flavors. We proudly follow the original Chinese recipe: we use only high quality natural ingredients, green tea fermented with pure organic cane sugar and our own culture of live bacteria and yeast. This is how we get 100% authentic kombucha that tastes great. Pure but delicious. Ancestral, but unique. Effervescent but refreshing. The best beverage option to help you be the captain of a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.

2 - How should I take Kombucha and what is the recommended daily dose?

Kombucha is a great drink to include in your routine due to the numerous health benefits it is associated with.

The ideal time to drink fermented drinks such as Kombucha and Water Kefir is on an empty stomach in the morning, in order to ensure that the bacteria remain alive at the end of the entire digestive process. However, they can and should be drunk at any time of the day, either as a healthy snack or even when you consume a heavy meal that is more difficult to digest.

Regarding the recommended daily dose, there is no standard dose and you should always experiment and adjust to your body and tastes. However, it is accepted that we can get all the benefits by drinking between 250 to 300mL daily.

A tip, drink fresh!

3 - And what is Kombucha for? What are the benefits of taking Kombucha?

In a previous article, we described 6 benefits of consuming Kombucha every day.

In summary, Kombucha is considered a probiotic drink with a positive impact on intestinal health and consequently on general well-being. It helps regulate intestinal transit, is beneficial for the immune system, aids digestion, increases energy levels, supports weight loss, among others. 

4 – What is the difference between GUTsy Captain Kombucha and GUTsy Captain Kombucha Zero?

GUTsy Captain Kombucha ZERO is a delicious and 100% authentic Kombucha, made in Portugal, with ZERO sugar, ZERO calories and full of live bacteria. The new line of GUTsy Captain Kombucha with Zero Sugar is also made in a traditional way, using only 100% natural and organic ingredients. In fact, we use the same ingredients as our traditional kombucha line. The difference is that in Kombucha Zero, a longer fermentation is carried out, until all the sugar is decomposed, leaving... zero sugars.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at shop@gutsycaptain.pt.

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